Kitchen Tambola Game

kitchen tambola game

Things Required

  • List of  45-50 kitchen items for ex. Glass, Bowl, Spoon, Plate, Funnel, Cup, Tongs, Knife, Tea Strainer, Tray,   Matchbox, Fork, Ladle, Sieve, Rolling Base, Rolling Pin, Gas Stove, Frying Pan, Container (Box), Bottle, Jar, Jug,  Grill, Lid, Peeler,  Scraper, Cutting Board,  Kadai, Pan, Serving Spoons, Idly Scooper, Rice Scooper Churner, Cooker, Spice Box, Bottle Opener, Scooper, Idly Stand, Lemon Squeezer Spatula, Masher, Bread Cutter,Hand Grater,  etc.
  • Take print outs of below image as per the number of participants.
  • Write down 12 words in each ticket.
  • kitchen tambola ticket

How To Play

  • Give one kitchen tambola ticket to every player.
  • Caller needs to announce one kitchen item at a time and strike it out on the list.
  • If that item  called by Caller exists on the player ticket, player has to strike it.
  • When all the four corners are cut, players have to say ‘Kitchen is heart of the home’.
  • For early five – players have to say ‘I love cooking’.
  • For  all the  rows – players have to say ‘My cake is baked in first/second/third time’.
  • For full house – players have to say ‘I am the kitchen queen’.
  • Game ends when all the prizes are  successfully claimed.


  1. Roopal Goyal says:

    Can you make a cosmetics ((Avon,Revlon,Lakme,Oriflamme,Loreal etc.)crossword as a kitty game.


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