Know Your Currency – Party Game


Things Required

  • A list of questions on Indian currency

How to Play

  • Make two teams Husband (Team A)  vs Wife (Team B)
  • Make a list of question where every answer is related to our Indian currency, which can be as follows :
    • Which Indian currency has green as the main colour? (Re 5 Note)
    • Name the tree that is seen on the reverse side of a Rs.20 note. (Palm Tree)
    • Which Indian note has the very famous “Dandi march” picture printed on reverse side of note ? (Rs. 500)
    • Which Indian currency note has the pictures of rhinoceros, elephant and tiger? (Rs. 10)
    • Which Indian currency note has orange violet as the main colour?(Rs. 10)
    • Each bank note has its amount written in how many languages?(17 languages)
    • Which Indian currency is blue-green at centre , brown-purple at two sides? (Rs. 100)
    • What image is printed on the reverse side of  a Rs. 50 note?(Parliament of India)
    • What image is printed on the reverse side of a Rs. 1000 note? (Economy of India)
    • How many languages are  on the obverse side of the Indian rupee (Two English & Hindi)
  • Start asking the question from Husband i,e,Team A
  • Give 30 seconds to answer the question if they are enable to answer pass it on to Wife i.e. Team B
  • Assign Marks like for the right answer 10 marks and 5 marks to the question passed on to them of the other team.


The team whose score is the highest wins !! Husbands or Wife

It is a fun game as we are using currency day and night but we are not aware of these simple facts about it.

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