Know Your Team – Team Building Game


Things Required

  • Prepare a questionnaire with 10 questions as below:
    1. Who speaks language other than Hindi/English
    2. Who is wearing brown shoes/sandals
    3. Who plays a musical instrument
    4. Who has a hobby of playing any sport
    5. Who knows swimming
    6. Whose name has maximum alphabets
    7. Who drives a red color car
    8. Who stays nearest to office
    9. Who has a ten rupee coin
    10. Who is wearing watch in left hand

How To Play

  • Give one questionnaire to each team member.
  • Ask them to talk to their team members and find out the answers.
  • Time limit is 3 minutes. [Can vary depending on the number of people]


Whoever finds out maximum right answers in minimum time.

Idea behind this game is to get team members talk & know each other little more.

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