Left vs Right – Kids Party Game


Things Required

  • Lots of naughty kids

How To Play

  • Divide all the players in two teams – team A and team B
  • Host will act as a leader
  • Ask both the teams to stand in a line facing other team.
  • Leader will toss the coin and ask captain of the winning team to choose between “Same” or “Opposite”.
  • By this time teams doesn’t know what is meant by Same and Opposite.
  • Leader will now explain that when he says “Right”, the team who chose same has to raise their right hand and the team who chose opposite has to raise their left hand.
  • Team who chose Same will have advantage over the other team but players can get confuse when opponent team who is standing face to face raise other hand.
  • Whoever fails to raise correct hand, will be considered out,
  • Now leader will keep on saying left and right unless all the players of a team are out.


Team who has maximum players left in the end.

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