Lemons Ka Funda – One minute Party Game

One minute party game - rubber band on lemonsThings Required

  • A basket full of lemons
  • An empty basket
  • Two tables

How To Play

  • Divide the players into teams of 8 players.
  • Let the team stand in two vertical columns facing each other in a zig zag way.
  • Mark a starting line and a finishing line say 20 feet apart.
  • Keep one table at the starting point and one at the finishing line.
  • ┬áKeep one basket full of lemons at the starting point and one empty basket at the finishing line.
  • The game is that the players have to pass the lemons one by one by tossing them from the starting point to finishing point.
  • The last player will put the lemons in the empty basket. In case the lemon falls down while tossing, it will not be counted.
  • Time limit is one minute.


The team who has collected the maximum lemons in the basket wins!!

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