Let’s Be Friends – Party Game


Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction.

Things Required

  • Fun music to play

How to Play

  • The players  have to  make 2 circles i.e one big circle ( outer one ) and one small circle ( inner one)
  • The  players should be in odd in number
  • In the inner circle the number of the players is more by one than in the outer circle.
  • As the music plays, all the players shall start walking.
  • As the music stops, the players must make groups of 2/3/5 as decided by the host.
  • As the music plays again the host will announce the group size i.e. of 2/3/5
  • The one who is left without any group is considered out.
  • The game is to be played in such a way that every time at least one person is eliminated.


The player/couples that remain till the last. wins ! This is warm up game to bring energy and fun to the party.


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