Love Compatibility Check – Couple Party Game


Things Required

  • A rose and a chocolate
  • Two Chairs
  • A list of questions to be asked

How To Play

    • Make the couple sit back to back on the chairs.
    • Give one rose to both of them in one hand and one chocolate in the other hand. (The host can give any other thing of his choice also).
  • Now the host will ask them questions and they have to answer by raising one of their hands.
  • If the answer to questions asked is Wife, both should raise the ‘Rose’
  • If the answer is Husband they should raise ‘Chocolate’.
  • The questions can be as below :
    • Who is more romantic among you?
    • Who often argues first?
    • Who is a good cook among you?
    • Who wants to relax at home?
    • Who wants to go on holidays more frequently? ¬†Etc.
  • They should not turn to look what their spouse is answering


The couple with best compatibility i.e. with maximum same answers, Wins!!


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