Lucky Balloons – Party Game


Number Of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction, as many as you want.

Things Required

  •  Balloons

How to Play

    • Blow  the balloons as per the no. of the guests.
    • While blowing the balloons insert a slip with something funny written on it like sing gyatri mantra, sing a nursery rhyme, say I Love You three times,stand on one leg for 30 sec., do reverse counting,  do some mono acting  etc. and blow 4-5 balloons with no slip.
    • Give one balloon to every guest.
    • One by one the guests have to burst the balloon.
    • They have to read the slip  and do whatever is written on the slip.
    • Those who get the balloons with no slip are the Lucky Ones.


All the lucky ones are Winners !!


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