Lucky Handbags – Party Game

Lucky Handbag - Party GameThings Required

  • Two sets of chits with numbers written on them starting from 1 to 50
  • Two bowls
  • 5-7 gifts/prizes

How To Play

  • The chits should be more than the number of¬† lady guests.
  • Fold all the chits and put them in two different bowls.
  • As the guests starts pouring in, give one ¬†folded chit to the ladies from one of the bowl. which they have to keep in their handbags.
  • When the party is on, pull out one lucky number chit and announce the same.
  • All the ladies have to open their handbags and check the number.
  • The lady who is having that number in her lucky handbag will get the prize/gift.
  • Keep calling the numbers and create suspense till the end of the party.
  • As the chits are more than the number of ladies, some numbers will be a bogy call.

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