Make Some Noise & Catch Your Prey – Halloween Party Game

halloween party game

Things Required

  • Rope
  • Gloves and Mask

How To Play

  • Divide your guests in two teams and name them as Halloween characters e.g. Black Cat and Bat.
  • One person from each team will be the Monster.
  • Blindfold the monster and ask the both teams to make a circle around the monster.
  • Now monster will growl in it’s team voice i.e. if black cat, monster should do meow-meow and if bat, monster should make little squeaks.
  • As the monster will growls the members will respond in growling with the sound of Bat and Cat to give him hint.
  • Now the Monster will have to catch the maximum number of members from other team by recognizing the voices.
  • For this task the monster will get only 5 chances.
  • The other team will play in the same way
  • This game can be played with 5 or more rounds.


Team who will catch maximum number of victims will be the winner.

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