Matka Jatka Test – Couple Party Game

clay pot

Things Required

  • Two 10 feet high poles
  • A decorated rope
  • Different colored clay pots
  • Lock and key
  • One 5 ft long wooden stick

How To Play

  • Fix the two poles say 15 feet apart and tie a rope between them.
  • Hang different color clay pots randomly on the rope .
  • Mark a starting point say 10 feet from the poles.
  • Tie the female partner hands with ropes and a lock.
  • Tell him the color of the pot in which the keys are lying.
  • He has to break that pot with the help of a wooden stick.
  • Blindfold the male player and spin him around three times.
  • As the time starts, the player will try to hit the pot as per the guidance give by his partner who is tied up.
  • As soon he brakes the pot, he will grab the key and get his partner free from the lock.


  • The couple or partners who completes this task in minimum time wins.

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