Mickey Carnival Theme For Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your kid is never an easy task and choosing a perfect theme for the party makes it even tougher. In this article, we are sharing party decoration ideas for mickey carnival (disney) theme party. Here is a compiled list of ideas that can be executed to give your party a theme of kid’s one of the favorite cartoon character – mickey mouse.

1. Mickey Carnival Invites

mickey_carnival_invitationThe first and foremost things for any party is an interesting invitation. How about this funky mickey mouse invite to suit your mickey carnival theme party? 🙂


2. Mickey Carnival Hats

mickey_carnival_hatsGet these colorful mickey hats for every kid in the party. They will be really delighful to have birthday cap of their favorite cartoon character.


3. Mickey Carnival Magician

mickey_manGet a magician dressed up as Mickey Mouse to make kids thrilled & happy. They will be surprisingly happy to shake hands or make a pose with mickey mouse.




4. Mickey Carnival Return Gifts

mickey_carnival_return_giftsGet these cute little mickey mouse toys to give as return gifts to kids.


5. Mickey Carnival Door Banner

mickey_carnival_door_bannerHave a colorful door banner with a mickey mouse welcoming your guests.



6. Mickey Carnival Paper Cups

mickey_carnival_plastic_cupsGet these colorful paper cups that will suit mickey carnival theme perfectly. Kids will really enjoy sipping from this mickey cups.


7. Mickey Carnival Dinner Plates

mickey_carnival_dinner_platesHow about these lively dinner plates with disney cartoons over it. Guest won’t need to run after their kids for them to eat their dinner, isn’t it? 😉


8. Mickey Carnival Pinata

mickey_carnival_club_pinataGet this mickey pinata and fill it with candies. Hang it at some height near the cake. When cake is cut, you can open this and let candies fall. Kids will enjoy collecting candies…!!


9. Mickey Carnival Balloons

mickey_carnival_balloonsDecorate the party venue with these colorful mickey balloons. Balloons are must for any party, isn’t it? 🙂


10. Mickey Carnival Napkins

mickey_carnival_napkinsYou can get bright and colorful paper napkins as shown in the image which perfectly go with mickey party theme.

Kids would love to see their favorite cartoon character all around them.


These were some party decoration ideas for mickey mouse theme party. Hope you find them helpful and interesting. We would be glad to hear back from you for more ideas :)

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