Musical Circles – Party Game


Things Required

  • Some good music to play
  • Four chits as per the names of circles

How To Play

  • Make four big circles  on  the floor.
  • Name the circle  like 1,2,3,4 or A.B.C,D  or Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta,Mumbai
  • Make the chits accordingly as per the names of the circles.
  • As the music starts, all the participants have to move around all the circles.
  • As the music stops, they can stand in any one of the circles as per their wish.
  • Now the organizer will pick one chit. Suppose the chit reads ‘D’, all the players standing in circle ‘D’ shall be considered OUT.
  • The game again continues with the music.


The participant who remains till the last is the Winner !!

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