Musical Dress Up – Party Game


Things Required

  • A big bag containing funny items like funny caps, hair wigs, crazy socks, cowboy hats and boots, polka dot shirts and pants, colorful t-shirts, big pants, gloves, and scarves etc.

How To Play

  • All the participants can sit in a circle
  • The bag filled with wacky things needs to be passed on round the circle.
  • As the music starts, any one of the participant can start passing the bag.
  • As the music stops, the participant holding the bag has to pull out any one thing from the bag,  say the name loudly and has to put it on.
  • The game continues till all the things have been used. 

Winner :

  • The participants who is wearing the maximum things is the winner.

After the game is over you can put on  some pop music so that everybody can dance with their new dresses and also can take the photographs.  You can also keep some more prizes for eg. Funniest person, craziest dress etc.

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