Musical Smiley – Party Game


Things Required

  • 3 Smiley Balls
  • Music to play

How To Play

  • Take 3 smiley  balls and write with sketch pen ‘L’ on one ball ‘R’ on the second ball and ‘C’ on the third ball.
  • Keep these three balls in a bag.
  • All the players have to sit in a circle.
  • As the music starts, start passing the bag.
  • As the music stops, the player who is holding the bag will take out one ball.
  • If the players takes out the ball with ‘L’ that means that the player sitting on his left  is OUT, ‘R’ means the player sitting on the right is OUT and ‘C’ means the player who has taken out the ball is OUT.
  • Continue the game till one player is left who will be considered as winner.


  1. nice idea. thanks for sharing


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