National Events – One Minute Game


Things Required

  • Photocopy of the sheet as below (as per no. of participants)
  • Pen/pencil

How To Play

  • Write some national important dates and the events which the nation holds every year on that day either in jumbled way or just the events against which they have to write the dates on a paper for ex.
    • National Navy day – 4th December,
    • National Airforce day -8th October,
    • Indian Army Day -15th January
    • Teacher’s day – 5th September,
    • National Sports Day 29th August,
    • National Farmers day – 23rd December,
    • National Girl Child Day – 9th December
    • National Defence Day – 3rd March
    • National Labour Day – lst May
    • National Hindi Day – 14th September
  • Give one sheet to everyone.
  • They have to match the dates with correct event.
  • Time limit is one minute.


The one who writes the maximum correct answers wins!!

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