Navratri Decoration Competition

Navratri quiz party gameThings Required

  • Durga Maa Idol kept on the table
  • Pack of candles
  • Five diyas with ghee batti and match box
  • Five flower garlands with loose flowers
  • Kalash and nariyal
  • Aarti Thali
  • Some rangoli colors
  • 2-3 Red Chunnis

How To Play

  • Divide the players into groups.
  • Place one Durga Maa Idol on the table.
  • The game is each group has to decorate the table and aarti thali for puja using the above things.
  • The prizes can be given for best table decoration, best decorated aarti thali, best flower arrangement, best candle and diya arrangements, best rangoli etc.
  • You can decide time limit based on the activities selected.


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