Navratri Quiz – Party Game

Navratri quiz party gameThings Required

  • Write below some questions on a paper related to Navratras  and get it photocopied as per the number of players.
  • Pen/pencil for every participant
    • Garba  the folk dance of which state?
    • Which place of Karnataka is famous for its elephant processions on the occasion of Dussehra?
    • Which state celebrates ‘Bomma Kolu’ that is the display of dolls during Navratri?
    • In which place, the main temple of Durga Ji is located in  Srinagar?
    • In which state Durga Maa is dressed in different clothes on each day of Navratri?
    • Which is the second largest temple in Asia  based on Goddess Durga?
    • Why Dussehra is celebrated ?
    • Which dance is performed with wooden sticks?
    • Dussehra marks the victory of which Goddess?
    • What is the significate of Durga puja ?
    • Who is goddess of wealth?
    • Who is goddess of wisdom?
    • Navratras are dependent on which calendar which keeps on changing every year?
    • In the first 3 days of Navratri  which Goddess is worshiped?
    • In the next 3 days of Navratri which Goddess is worshiped?
    • In the last 3 days of Navratri which Goddess is worshiped?
    • Which dance is performed before the worship of aarti of Goddess Durga during navratri ?
    • Which dance is performed after the worship?
    • Which of the following Goddess is also known as Goddess of benevolence?
    • Both men and women wear colorful dresses like chaniya choli, short kurta and pagari with bandhini dupatta while performing which  dance?

How To Play

  • Give one question paper and a pen to each participant.
  • Each participant have to write answers of all these questions
  • Time limit is 2 minutes
  • Correct Answers are 1)Gujarat 2)Mysore 3)TamilNadu 4)Hari Prabhat 5)Andhra Pradesh  6)Chattarpur Mandir 7)Victory over Ravana 8)Danidya 9) Maa Durga 10)Victory of Maa Durga over Mahishasura 11)Maa Lakshmi 12)Maa Saraswati 13)Lunar Calender 14)Maa Durga 15)Maa Lakshmi 16)Maa Saraswati 17)Garba 18)Dandiya 19)Gauri Mata 20) Garba


The participant  who has written maximum correct answers wins !!


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