New Year Acronyms – New Year Party Game


Things Required

  • Write some New Year themed acronyms on a paper as below and get the same photocopies as per the no. of players
  1. H.N.Y.W.F.Y.A.Y.F
  2. H.A.L.A.W 2016
  3. H.A.B.N.Y
  4. H.S.N.Y
  5. H.365 D.O.N.Y.
  6. H.A.P.N.Y
  7. C.F.A.H.N.Y
  8. H.N.Y.T.M.D.W
  9. S.A.W.T.N.Y.
  10. G.B.A.W 2016
  11. W.Y.A.H.P.A.S.N.Y
  12. W.Y.A.G.Y A 2016

How To Play

  1. Give one sheet and pen to all the players and they must try to guess the full  form of New Year Acronyms for eg. G.M.A.H.N.Y – Good Morning And Happy New Year
  2. Time limit is one minute.
  3. The correct answers are -1)Happy New Year Wishes For You And Your Family2) Have A Lucky And Wonderful 2016,3) Happy And Blessed New Year, 4)Happy Sparkling New Year, 5)Happy 365 Days of New Year, 6)Happy And Promising New Year,7) Congratulations For A Happy New Year,8) Happy New Year To My Dearest Wife, 9)Smile And Welcome The New Year,10)Good Bye And Welcome 2016,11) Wish You A Happy, Prosperous And Successful New Year, 12)Wish You A Great Year Ahead 2016


The one who writes the maximum correct answers wins!!

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