One Rupee Auction – Party Game

blind_auctionThings Required

  • Gift items that can be placed for auction such as photo frame, alarm clock, any show piece etc.

How To Play

  • The host will pick one of the gift items and declare that this souvenir is up for auction. The player who has got a one rupee coin of earliest year will win the auction and hence the gift.
  • Now participants have to give a one rupee coin to the host one by one.
  • Host will have to announce the year of the coin.
  • If the host gets the coin issued in an earlier year, he/she has to return the coin collected previously.
  • Auction is continued unless the oldest coin is received. Every time the host gets the coin, he/she counts – one, two… like real auction and as the host says three, auction stops.
  • Auction can be started again with another gift item.


Whoever gets the oldest coin and wins the gift is the winner…!!

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