Match The Broken Eggs – Easter Game

Things Required Get the printouts of Broken Egg How To Play Cut the printout of broken egg into half Write the words either with the same meaning or opposite meaning on both halves like front/back, win/lose,soft/hard,rich/poor,big/large,buy/purchase etc. Mix all the halves and put it on the table upside down Player has to find the matching halves of the egg such that words make the intended pair Time limit is one minute Winner Player who is able to match the maximum broken eggs wins!!

Mr Bunny Puzzle – Easter Game

It’s a very interesting Easter Game for kids as well as for adults. Preparations are very easy for this game but it will be a lot of fun playing this game with your family and friends. Check it out 🙂 Things Required Printed copies of bunny image Glue/Double sided tape Blank paper sheets How To Play Cut each printout of bunny into 9-10 pieces and make sets of each image Give one set of cutouts and one blank paper to each player Ask them to {Read More}

Hanging Doughnut – Easter Game

Things Required Doughnut (as per the number of players) Thread How To Play Tie the doughnuts with a thread Hang them at a suitable height over a rod Players have to tie the hands behind the back and try to eat the doughnut If a player touches the doughnut with hand, he/she will be considered out Winner Player who is able to eat entire doughnut first wins…!!  

Bunny Ears – Easter Game

Things Required A big poster size picture of a bunny Two cut outs of bunny ears Double sided tape or glue Band to close the eyes How To Play Fix the bunny poster on a wall Cover eyes of each player one by one with the band and revolve them two time Give them bunny ears and ask them to place the ears on the bunny poster Winner The person who is able to pin the ears closest wins.  

Roll The Egg – Easter Game

Things Required ~10-15 Boiled Eggs Wooden Spoons How To Play Draw a starting and a finishing line at ~15-20 feet distance Ask all players to stand at the starting line Give an egg and wooden spoon to each player As the time starts the players have to roll their eggs towards the finishing line using the spoon The player cannot touch the egg with hands Optionally you can play with raw eggs Eliminate the player if the egg gets broken Winner Player {Read More}

Egg Family – One Minute Easter Game

Things Required ~10-15 Eggs Sketch Pens/Marker Pens How To Play Give one egg and sketch pen to each player Ask them to write names of their family members on the egg Player will be considered out if egg gets broken Time limit is one minute Winner Player who writes maximum family member name wins!!  

Score The Eggs – Easter Game

Things Required ~8-10 Eggs Any two colors How To Play Color the eggs such that half eggs are of one color and another half of second color Draw two lines at a distance of ~10 feet Line up the eggs of each color on both the lines Divide all the players in two teams and ask them to decide their color Ask all the players to line up next to the line of their chosen egg color As the time {Read More}

Woman’s Day Tambola Game

Things Required Empty tambola tickets with 20 squares with 5 columns and 4 rows (hand made) Tambola board & tokens Paper and pencil How To Play Write WOMEN in first row, one letter in each square Given one tambola ticket to each player Ask all players to write any 15 numbers of their choice in their ticket Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number If the number exists on the player’s ticket, he/she has to strike it {Read More}

Dance Of Colors – Holi Party Game

Things Required 5 different holi color pakets as per the number of players 5 paper chits One bowl & one basket Music How To Play Write red, green, yellow, pink and purple on five paper chits Fold the chits and put them in the bowl Keep all the colors in the basket and ask all the players to pick one packet As the music starts all players have to start dancing As the music stops the  host will pick one chit from the bowl and read {Read More}

Bolloywood Moive Color Names – Party Game

Things Required List of Actor Actress of hindi movies as given below Pen/pencil How To Play Write the names of actor and actress of hindi movies which have color in the name on a paper as below for eg. Feroze Khan-Praveen Babi -Kala Sona Amair Khan-Soha Ali Khan (Rang De Basanti) Amitabh Bachchan-Rani Mukerji (Black) Amol Palakar-Vidya Sinha (Safed Jhoot) Amitabh Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai (Khakee) Dharamendra-Mala Sinha (Neela Akash) Amitabh Bachchan-Rakhee (Kala Pathar) Anil Kapoor-Shafali Chayya (Black & White) Amitabh Bachchan-Manish {Read More}