Pick The Sand & Run – Party Game


Things Required

  • One Bucket filled with sand for each team
  • 6 empty soft drink bottles for each team

How to Play:

  • Divide the children into groups of 4-5.
  • Make a start and end line with distance of approximately 10 feet.
  • Keep one bucket full of sand at the starting line and 6 empty soft drink bottles at the finishing line.
  • As the time starts, one child has to pick the sand from the bucket in his hands and run towards the bottles kept at the finishing line.
  • He has to pour the sand into the bottles kept their.
  • After pouring the sand he will run back to the starting point and the second player from the starting line will run towards the finishing line with sand in his hands.
  • Time limit is 3 minutes.


The team which manages to transfer maximum sand into the bottles or the earliest they fill the bottles is the Winner.

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