Pin The Ashoka Chakra – Republic Day Game

republic day game

Things Required

  • A big poster of Indian Flag without the Ashoka Chakra
  • Printed Ashoka Chakra (as per the number of participants)
  • Double sided tape or glue.
  • Band to close the eyes.
  • Pen/Pencil

How To Play

  • Fix the large poster of Indian Flag against a wall.
  • Give each participant the printed Ashoka Chakra and ask them to write their name behind it.
  • Now cover their eyes with a band, revolve them and ask them to pin the Ashoka Chakra on Indian Flag one by one.


The person who will able to pin the Ashoka Chakra properly or the closest on the Flag will be the winner.

Hooting, guiding and misguiding each other will increase the fun of this game. Let’s play and have fun 🙂

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