Playing With Food Grains Kitty Party Game

thinking_manNumber of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as you want

Things required

  • 10 types of whole food grains like urad dal,whole moong dal, dry peas, moth dal, raita boondi, nutri nuggets, white channa etc.
  • 10 cotton bags in which the things are to be kept.
  • List of things on a piece of paper in the order the bags are kept.
  • Paper & Pencil for each player.

How to Play

  • Put one item in one bag. Players have to put their hands in the bags one by one and guess the items by touching them.
  • Players have to  write the things on the piece of paper given to them.
  • Once written the name of item cannot be changed.
  • The spelling mistake will cut one mark.
  • Time Limit one minute


Player with maximum no.of written  correct things with correct spelling in one minute.

A fun game to be played in ladies kitty. Please do share your experience on what your friends said when you hosted this game…!! 🙂

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