Poshampa – Kids Party Game


In today’s computer world, let’s play some old game which can be played indoor as well as outdoor.

How To Play

  • Two players are required to make a gate like structure by locking their hands together above their heads and sing the following song while passing through the gate.
  • Posham pa bhai posham pa
    Dakuon ne kya kiya
    Sau rupaye ki ghadi churai
    Ab to jail men jana padega
    Jail ka khana khana padega
    Jail ka paani peena padega
    Ab to jail mein jana padega

  • As soon as the song is finished the players will drop their hands and close the gate.
  • The player who is caught inside the gate will swop his place with the player who has been holding the gate to give that player a chance to play.
  • The game continues and ends when the kids get tired of it as there are no winners or losers in this game.

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