Propose Your Partner – Valentine’s Day Game

matchmakerThings Required

  • Some flowers, roses, chocolates to be kept on a table.

How To Play

  • Let all the couples sit in a circle. Keep some flowers, roses, chocolates etc. on the table.
  • Couples are free to use any item kept on the table while proposing.
  • Start the game with the couple who is hosting the party.
  • The game is that every couple have to propose each other in front of everyone.
  • Keep a time limit and tell each couple that their proposal should be romantic and entertaining.
  • After all the couples have proposed, present some surprise gifts for eg. Most wittiest proposal, Most romantic proposal, Most entertaining proposal, Most emotional proposal  etc.
  • Above all keep one special gift  for the couples who maintains a mood of grace and acceptance from the person whom he/she is proposing.

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