Props Tambola Kitty Party Game

Playing Tambola With Props

Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as you want

Things required

  • A bag full of different objects (at least 50 objects) for eg. pen, pencil,mobile,knife,nail cutter,ring,bangle,spoon,watch,tennis ball etc.
  • List all the above things on a board similar to tambola board
  • Tickets are to be made just as tambola tickets ie. every line will have 5 things written which are kept in the bag.

How to Play

  • Caller needs to pick a thing from the bag without seeing .
  • If the thing called by Caller exists on the player ticket, player has to strike it as well as caller has to strike the thing on the  list of things for verifying
  • Game ends when all the Full Houses  are successfully claimed.


It has to be played just like Tambola i,e early five, corners, lines and full house.

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  1. Tell me line r done what should we speak yes ya something diff

  2. Yeah Shivani, you can say like i have collected few things 🙂

  3. vipra gupta says:

    tell some more small objects which can be carried easily.

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