Pull The Bottle – Party Game

pull the bottle party game

Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as you want

Things required

  • 6 Nos. 20 Ltrs. Bislari Bottles
  • 6 Nos. 200 ml coke bottles
  • 6 Nos. small plastic balls
  • One Stick

How to Play

  • Keep the Bisleri bottles in one line with a distance of 2 feetĀ  after removing their caps
  • Now keep coke bottles on their mouth
  • On top of the coke bottle balance the plastic ball
  • Player has to remove the coke bottle in such a way that plastic ball should drop inside the bisleri bottle. To remove the coke bottle the player can use the stick or with his hand as per his wish
  • Time limit is one minute


Player who has dropped maximum balls in the Bisleri Bottles in one minute.

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