Rainbow Theme Party Ideas

rainbow_based_theme_partyIn today’s world where we are living a busy and hurried life, we should have parties with a good theme. Theme parties keep people lively, excited and interested. We must keep the topic of the theme party a fascinating one. It creates fun, enjoyment and interaction among your guests. A rainbow theme party is a perfect party idea to welcome monsoon and enjoy the colors around you.


  • Decorate the entrance with balloon banner in an arch shape just as rainbow with all the seven colors.
  • Also decorate the entire area whether the party is indoor or outdoor with balloons hung down in a line.
  • Make an attractive, colorful paper strings cut from the multicolored craft papers and hang through ceiling and walls.
  • Arrange the tables in the party hall in an arch shape with rainbow colors table mats so that the whole hall should give a vibrant rainbow look.
  • Blow balloons of rainbow colors and leave them on the ground for the kids to play.
  • Tie the balloons in a garland shape  and hang them in the corners of the room
  • Decorate white flower pots with silk or real rainbow color flowers using roses, sunflower etc.
  • Select rainbow designed paper plates and paper napkins for the party

Dress Code 

  • The ideal dress code would be any multicolor outfit or a plain skirt/jeans with colorful top or a scraf.
  • Do not stick on just dress, it can be multicolor nail paint, multicolor footwear or jewellery with colored stones as well.
  • Make beautiful  rainbow crowns made of decorative paper for men, colored pasta necklaces or candy necklaces for women and  rainbow bracelets, rings, hair clips, rainbow rubber bands for the children to wear during the party

 Food Ideas

  • Rainbow Fruit Platter with strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, cherries etc.
  • Rainbow colored cupcakes, pancakes puddings
  • All types of rainbow colored drinks
  • Rainbow Pizza with toppings of pepperoni, cheese, pineapple, green, red peppers, and onions.


  • Musical Rainbow instead of Musical chair – Cut large rainbow colors chart papers and place in a row on the floor in place of chair. Check more about this game here.
  • Singing competition ie. Songs with any color name in the lyrics.
  • Give hard boiled eggs to children and ask them to paint them in rainbow order.
  • Writing competition ie. Write the color names of the rainbow in correct and reverse order in one minute.
  • Mix seven colored gems in a bowl and ask the player to segregate the gems of same color using chopsticks with in one minute.
  • Arrange all the fruits of rainbow color like strawberries, oranges, grapes, blueberries, banana etc. and ask your guest to arrange them on a platter in rainbow order.
  • Keep all the children busy in doing creative work which involves all the rainbow colors like drawing, making of different colored clay toys.
  • Rainbow Beads

Return Gifts 

  • Rainbow bags filled with crayons, rainbow candies, markers, bubbles, balloons, and bracelets.
  • Rainbow cupcakes or pan cakes wrapped in bags with pretty ribbons.
  • Rainbow color changing LED Candles, rainbow colored coffee mugs.


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