Raise Your Hands – Couple Party Game

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Things Required

  • A list of statement as given below

How To Play

  • The couple have to raise their hands after listening to a statement which the host has announced.
  • The statements can be :
  1. The couple who can show me the most pictures of the two of them together,
  2. The couple  wearing the most gifts given to them by their spouse,
  3. The couple who had the shortest honeymoon,
  4. The couple who got  married on Sunday or on a national  holiday,
  5. The couple married on or closest to one of their birthdays,
  6. The person who has given the most creative Valentine’s gift to their spouse at any time.
  7. The couple who got married on Valentine day,
  8. The couple who have the most matching letters in their first and middle names,
  9. The couple who has the same birthdates or the sum of birthdates etc.
  10. The couple who had their first child before their first marriage anniversay.
  11. The couple who both knows swimming
  12. The couple who can play any musical instrument like guitar, voilen etc.
  13. The couple who enjoys the same hobby
  14. The couple who can speak other languages other than hindi and english
  •   Award one point for each correct statement.


The couple with maximum points wins. It’s a fun party game where you learn more about your friends !!


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