Rangeelo Mharo Dholna – Holi Tambola Idea


 Things Required

  • Lots of colors 🙂
  • Paper chits & pen/pencils
  • Bowl
  • Regular tambola tickets and tokens

How To Play

  • Ask each player to write her husband’s name on the paper chit and put in the bowl.
  • Circulate the bowl among all the players and ask them to pick up one chit.
  • Whoever husband’s name chit they have picked, they will become “Dholna” of that player.
  • For example Suman’s husband’s name chit has been picked up by Manju then Manju is Suman’s Dholna.
  • Now distribute the tambola tickets and start playing tamobla as usual.
  • Fun part is that whenever a number is cut on someone’s tambola ticket, she has to put color on her dholna. For example Suman will put color on Manju’s face whenever a number is cut on her ticket.
  • Game ends when all the rows, corner and full houses are claimed.
  • At the end all the ladies will be colorful 🙂

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