Rango Ke Sath Dil Ki Baat – Holi Party Game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty Reader Gunjan Khandelwal. Thanks Gunjan 🙂


Things Required

  • Pen and Paper

How To Play

  • Give paper and pen to each player.
  • All the participants have to write a love letter to their husbands using maximum colors for example “Mere pyare red red lips wale pati dev, jab se tumhe dekha hai mera dil green garden ki tarah ho gaya hai, mai tumhare gulabi sapno mei khoi rahti hun, tum neeli shirt mei acche lagte ho, tum gusse me jab lal peele hote to bahut bure lagte ho etc..
  • Time limit is one minute.


The participant who has used maximum colors without repeating them wins!!


  1. It’s a one minute game…
    Fill the tub half with water, put some colourful gulal in tub, so that water color changes.
    Blow all the balloon and put aside.
    It is play one by one.
    Give one matchstick to first player. And asked them to put Ballon in a tub and burst with the help of a stick. After one Ballon burst put another one. And continue….
    After each balloon burst put some gulal on other players face and say that “bura Na maang holi hai” .
    Thn again started their game.
    One minute time and if players matchstick is broken not given the other.

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