Republic Day Crossword Puzzle

Things Required

  • Take printouts of the below image as per the no. of participants
  • Pen/pencil for all the participants
  • crossword puzzle for republic day

How To Play

  • Give one printout to each participant.
  • Now, each participant has to figure out below 15 words related to Republic Day
  • 1) Bravery Awards, 2) Tableaus, 3) Rajpath, 4) School children, 5) Vijay chowk, 6) Flag, 7) Helicopter, 8) Folk Dance, 9) Prade, 10) India Gate, aa) Balloons , 12) Flypast, 13) Marchpast, 14) Janaganamana
  • You can tell the above words to participants in advance to make it easier and more fun for them. Else increase the time limit.
  • Time limit is two minutes.


The player who is able to find maximum words in minimum time!! Below is the solved puzzle:

republic day crossword puzzle


  1. very beautiful and helpful games for age groups

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