Run For The Task – Party Game


Things Required

  • A sheet in which all the tasks that are to be performed are listed for every participant.

How To Play

  • This game can be played individually or in a group.
  • Mark a starting and finishing  with four stop overs where the players have to perform a task.
  • Mark starting  line as Point A.
  • As the time starts, the participant has to write their name and pin the paper on their shirt and runs towards Point B.
  • At point B he has to stand on one leg for 30 sec. and then run towards Point C.
  • At point C  he has to blow a balloon, put a knot in it and runs towards Point D with the balloon.
  • At point D he has to blow off the balloon with his hands and run towards Point E ie. the finishing line.
  • On reaching the finishing line the participant has to lit the candle.


The participant who finish his task fastest is the  winner.


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