Santa’s Obstacle Race – Christmas Party Game

christmas party game

Things Required

  • Floor mats
  • Someone dressed as Santa
  • Lots of gifts

How To Play

  • Mark a playing area in the party hall.
  • Consider that area as river.
  • Put some floor mats as islands on the floor.
  • The distance between the mats should be that a person can easily jump from one island to another island without falling into the river i.e without touching the floor.
  • Divide the players into groups.
  • Santa is sitting at the finishing line with lot of gifts.
  • As the time starts, one group has to cross the river by stepping onto the islands.
  • Collect the gift from Santa and come back and can go again to collect more gifts.
  • Any player who falls into the river ie. if the player touches the floor will be considered OUT.
  • Time limit is one minute.


  • The group who collects the maximum gifts from Santa wins!!

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