Say No To ‘Yes Or No’ – Party Game

yes or no

 Things Requried

  • A list of common questions

How To Play

  • Make a list of common questions for ex. Do you play cricket?  Do you like watching old movies? etc.
  • Choose one person who will ask the questions.
  • Time limit is one minute.
  • The twist of the game is that the player has to answer  the questions  without saying ‘Yes or No’
  • As the time starts he will start asking the question to any one of the players.
  • The player has to answer all the questions without tripping  for eg. the answer to the question as mentioned above can be either I  play cricket or sometimes
  • In case he answers any of the questions by saying ‘Yes or No’ he is OUT of the game.


  • The player who is able to answer the maximum question without saying ‘Yes or No’ is the winner.

A fun party game where other players can distract the attention of the player by hooting ‘Yes or No’

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