School Bag Hunt – Birthday Party Game


Things Required

  • One history book, one science book , one maths book, one english book, one hindi book, two copies with blue  cover, one copy with brown and green cover each, one pencil box consisting of two red pens, one black pen. two pencils, rubber and a sharpener,one tiffin box and a water bottle. – as per the no. of children
  • School bags as the no. of children

How To Play

  • Scatter the above things in the party area.
  • Give one school bag and a list of above things  to every child.
  • Ask them to find the things according to the list.
  • The children have to run all around and collect the things and place them inside the school bag.


The child who collects all the things  and place them in the school bag neatly at the earliest, is the winner !!

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