Score Your Style – Karva Chauth Party Game

karvachauth party gameThings Required

  • A list as below to score the points
    1. 5 marks if the hair is tied and 3 marks if not tied.
    2. 5 marks for small earrings and 3 marks for long earrings,
    3. 5 marks if the color of the dress is red, green and pink and 3 marks for any other color,
    4. 5 marks for wearing a nose pin and 3 marks for not wearing a nose pin,
    5. 5 marks for the nail paint that matches the dress and 3 if it does not.
    6. 5 marks for wearing toe rings and 3 mark for not wearing
    7. 5 marks for wearing matching glass bangles and 3 marks for other bangles
    8. 5 marks to everyone who is carrying the same lipstick which they have used in their purse.
    9. 5 marks to those who are wearing pearls either earrings, rings or bangles
    10. 5 marks for wearing a golden watch 3 marks for not wearing the watch.
    11. 5 marks who are wearing sari and 3 for those who are wearing any other dress
    12. 5 marks for  who can stand up and boldly say  “I am so beautiful that my husband kissed me in the morning’

How To Play

  • Give pen and paper to everybody.
  • Tell all the participants to be honest and score themselves as the host speak each of the point above.


The participant with highest score wins !!


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