Scratch & Win Tambola – Tambola Game

scrach & win

Things Required

  • Tambola board as explained below
  • Tokens for playing

How To Play

  • Take a cardboard 15’x15′ sizeĀ  and paste white sheet on it.
  • Draw 90 blocks just like tambola board.
  • Write the name of the small gifts like a bar of chocolate, smiley ball, a pen, pencil and rubber, a key ring etc. or some prize money in 25 or 30 blocks or per the wish of the host.
  • Leave around 40 blocks blank or can write better luck next time, tai tai phiss, oops bad luck etc.
  • Put counting stickers on them from 1 to 90 so that the board should look like a tambola board.
  • Let all the players sit in a circle and can start the game.
  • Give that board to one of the players.
  • The caller will start calling the numbers.
  • The game is that player holding the board will either remove the sticker or scratch it from the called number and can either claim the prize written on it or tai tai phiss
  • Resume the game till all the 90 nos. are called out.
  • Some can be lucky ones who gets more than one prize.


  1. Neha Bhavani says:

    Hi I am Neha I liked the scratch and win tambola in ur site can we add lines and full houses to this particular tambola game

  2. Neha Bhavani says:

    And can u even suggest me nice theme names to my next month’s family kitty party as well as group names

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