Swop Your Place – Couple Party Game

couple party gameThings Required

  • Cute name chits as explained in section below
  • One bowl

How To Play

  • Let all the couples sit together with all the females on the right side.
  • Pamper them with some with lovely and cute names like darling couple, sweet heart couple, honey couple, gorgeous couple, angel couple, chocolate couple, sexy couple, pretty couple, cute couple, handsome couple, beautiful couple, cupid couple, lovely couple etc.
  • Write these names on small chits, fold them and put them in a bowl.
  • Start calling the names of the couple in random order from the bowl
  • The game is when you call that name that couples have to swop their places immediately with each other before the caller call the next name.
  • The couples who takes time will be out of the game.
  • To create confusion the caller can call two three names together.


The couple who manages to remain till the last wins!!

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