Task Relay Game – Group Party Game

Groupe party game - task relay gameThings Required

  • Tables as per the number of groups
  • Task material as per the number of groups

How To Play

  • Divide the players into groups of 5.
  • Mark a starting line and a finishing line.
  • Keep one table at the finishing line with five tasks to be completed by the group.
  • The task can be :
    1. Open and drink a can of pepsi,
    2. Hop on one leg, with a cup of water on your head, and sing a song,
    3. Peel the boiled egg and cut into 4 pieces,
    4. Eat a sandwich,
    5. Put thread in the needle
  • The game is group members have to stand in a queue at the starting line.
  • As the time starts, the first player from each group will run towards the finishing line, complete the task and will run back.
  • After he reaches the starting point, the second will run to complete the task and the game continues will the last players finishes his task.


The group who is able to complete the task at the earliest wins !!

You can change the tasks as per choice and convenience.

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