Teej Dance – Teej Party Games


Things Required

  • Six paper chits
  • One bowl
  • Pen
  • Music

How To Play

  • Write Mehandi Lagao, Jula Julo, Churi Pehno, Ghaver Khao, Bindi Lagao &Aarti Karo  on six paper chits
  • Fold the chits and put them in the bowl.
  • Assign one action to each of the 6 chits.
  • As the music starts all the ladies  have to start dancing.
  • As the music stops they have to get into any one of the above actions.
  • The host will now pick one slip from the bowl and read out the name of the action. For example action written on the chit is Mehandi lagao, so all the ladies  who are in that action are considered to be OUT.
  • Start the music again and continue the dance till one is left.


The one who remains till the last wins!!

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