Tom & Jerry – Kids Party Game


Things Required

  • Lots of naughty kids

How To Play

  • Divide all the players in two teams.
  • Name one team as Tom and other as Jerry.
  • Ask both the teams to stand in line facing each other.
  • In between the two teams draw a circle (with chalk) approximately 1.5 to 2 feet wide.
  • In center of this circle, write Jerry’s Hole.
  • Now call one player from each team.
  • Both the players have to run around the circle and Tom has to catch Jerry in one minute.
  • Jerry can get into the hole to save his/her life but before getting into the hole it is must to run at least 3 times around the circle.
  • If Jerry is caught, he is considered out and if Tom couldn’t catch Jerry within one minute, Tom will be considered out.
  • Call next set of players one after another.


Team with maximum players remaining will be the winner.


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