Top Three – Party Game

top 3 party gameThings Required

  • A questionnaire consisting of 10-15 common questions like :
  1.  Name any three top restaurants
  2. Name any three  cars owned by Tata’s
  3. Name any three upcoming hindi movies
  4. Name any three top bollywood playback singers
  5. Name any three top brands of shirts/shoes
  6. Name any three shopping malls in Gurgaon
  7. Name any three things marketed by Hindustan Lever
  8. Name the top three IPL Teams of last year
  9. Name any three English News Channels
  10. Name any three event management companies

How To Play

  • Divide the guests into groups of 5-6 people in each team.
  • Every team will be given a bell which they have to ring for answering the question.
  • The host will start asking the questions.
  • Whichever team rings the bell first will get the chance to answer the question within 30 sec.
  • If they answer correctly will get full marks.
  • If they fail to answer the question that question will then be passed to the next team to guess.
  • If their answer is write that team will get half marks.
  • Continue the game playing different rounds


The team who scores the maximum points.

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