Toss The Water Balloons – Party Game


Number Of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction, as many as you want. In this game, we will divide the players in pairs, so it is good to have even number of players.

Things Required

  • Water filled balloons
  • Two baskets per pair

How to Play

    • Divide the players into pairs.
    • Draw a starting line where one partner will stand with a basket full of water filled balloons.
    • The second partner will stand opposite two feet apart with an empty basket  tied on his back.
    • As the time starts, first player will toss the balloon to his partner.
    • He/She has to catch the balloon and put it into his/her basket.
    • After each toss, the player who is catching the balloon has to take two steps back, which will increase the distance between the two.
    • The balloons which falls on the ground while catching, shall not be counted.
    • Time limit is two minutes.


The pair who collects maximum balloons in their basket wins.


  1. Jyoti Maheshwari says:

    Exceelent games

  2. Jyoti Maheshwari says:

    Excelent games


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