Touch & Feel – Kitty Party Game


Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as you want

Things required :

  • A cardboard box with cover
  • 3-4 types of fruits like apple,orange, pear,grapes
  • 3-4 types of vegetables like lemon, onion,potato, tomato, soft toys,perfume bottle,Deo’s,etc
  • Some more different items you feel like
  • Paper and pencil for all players

How to Play

  • Put all things in the box
  • Place it at one corner of the Party Hall
  • Every player or guest will be allowed to put their hand in the box without removing the cover and feel the objects for 60 sec.
  • Then they have to write on a piece of paper whatever things they have felt
  • Time limit one minute.


The player who has written the maximum no. of things correctly

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