Tragic 7 – Party Game

kitty party gameThings Required

  •  A bowl filled with slips of following tasks
    1. Sing a nursery rhyme
    2. Say the alphabets backwards
    3. Name five parts of the body spelt with only 3 letters.
    4. Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ 5 times pressing your nose on both sides
    5. With 3 biscuits in your mouth, sing a Hollywood or Bollywood song
    6. Say the colors of the rainbow in the correct order
    7. Tell a joke – if no one finds it funny, be prepared with another one
    8. Spell your name backwards
    9. Stand up and shout I am the best
    10. Make a paper aeroplane

How To Play

  • Ask everyone in the party to sit in a circle.
  • Start the game with one person saying 1 and next person saying 2 and so on.
  • For number  7 or the multiple of 7 or the no.which contains 7 for eg. etc. the player do not have to  say the number but clap.
  • The player  who says the number  instead of clapping will be considered OUT.
  • But before going  he has to pick a slip from the bowl and fulfill the task written on it.
  • The game can be continued either from the last number said or again from No. 1.
  • The game can be made more confusing either  by changing the direction (clockwise/anti-clockwise) of the game at a specific number. say 45,65,85   or skip one person while counting.


The one who stays till the end will be the winner.

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