Tricolor Plastic Balls Kitty Party Game

balls_and_bucketsNumber of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as you want

Things required

  • One container filled with small plastic balls
  • Plastic balls should be of 3 different colors (20 no. of each color)
  • Three empty containers
  • One spoon

How to Play

  • Each player will pick one ball with the help of spoon from the first container and shift the ball to the second container and from second container to third one.
  • While shifting from second to third it should be ensured that the middle container is left with two balls of different color . If it is less then two balls, marks will be deducted as decided by the host
  • Time Limit one minute


Player with maximum no. of balls in the last container.

A little tricky and mind boggling party game but it sure is fun to play with friends and family. This game can also be played with kids. Hope you enjoy playing it…!!

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