Tricolor Plastic Balls Kitty Party Game

balls_and_bucketsNumber of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as you want

Things required

  • One container filled with small plastic balls
  • Plastic balls should be of 3 different colors (20 no. of each color)
  • Three empty containers
  • One spoon

How To Play

  • Put one container filled with small plastic balls on a table.
  • Balls should be of 3 different colors.
  • Give three empty containers and a spoon to the player.
  • Player will pick one ball with the help of spoon from the first container and shift the ball to the second container and from second container to third one.
  • While shifting from second to third it should be ensured that the middle container is left with two balls of different color.
  • If it is less then two balls, marks will be deducted as decided by the host.
  • Time limit one minute.


Player with maximum number of balls in the last container wins…!!

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