Tring Tring Tring…!! – Birthday Party Game


Things Required

  • An alarm clock

How To Play

  • Divide all the players equally in two teams and give them names such as Good Morning & Good Evening.
  • Now call one player from each team.
  • Send one of the player outside the room.
  • Now set the alarm in alarm clock to ring after one minute.
  • Give the alarm clock to the player inside the room and give him/her 30 seconds to hide it anywhere in the room.
  • After 30 seconds complete, call the other player inside who is standing outside the room.
  • Now once the alarm starts ringing, give him/her one minute to find the alarm clock.
  • If he/she finds the clock, his/her team will get one point else other team gets the point.
  • Next time ask player of other team to hide the clock.
  • Repeat this unless all the players have participated.


Team who scores maximum points will be the winner.

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