Valentine Pictionary – Valentine’s Day Game

valentine's day gameThings Required

  • White Board and Chalk
  • One bowl with small slips of paper with some popular words related to valentine for eg. Roses, chocolates, kiss, heart, diamond ring,arrow, valentine card, lovebirds, ,balloons, broken heart, hugs, sweetheart etc.

How To Play

  • Divide your guests into two teams or male vs females.
  • Fold all the chits and put them in a bowl.
  • Place one white board and a chalk so that everybody can see.
  • As the time starts, one member of the team will come and pick one chit and start drawing on the board for his team to guess.
  • Time limit is one minute.
  • As the time is over, give 30 seconds to the other team to guess.
  • Give the scores accordingly.
  • Keep playing until all the chits have been used.


  • The team with maximum scores wins !! Pictionary is a ton of fun playing  with  groups.

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